Diversity & Inclusion

RGM is a 100% woman-owned business, and we are proud to have earned national certification as a Women Business Enterprise by the Women Business Enterprise Canada Council. We recertify on an annual basis through a rigorous process involving a confirmation that the business is at least 51% owned, operated, and controlled by a woman or women who are Canadian citizens whose business formation and principal place of business are in Canada; and whose management and daily operation is controlled by a woman with industry expertise. We are a registered Certified Diverse Supplier with numerous government and private sector buying organizations and are able to fulfil all applicable North American supply chain requirements in this area. 

We are proud to have additionally earned national certification as a Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council enterprise. We recertify on an annual basis through a rigorous process which involves a confirmation that we operate in Canada; are a for-profit enterprise; supply products or services to other businesses; and are at least 51% owned, managed, and controlled by visible minority(s) or aboriginal persons who must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

RGM also strives to be as reflective of the community it serves as possible and has been successful in this effort. We promote generating and maintaining an enjoyable, diverse, engaging, healthy and safe work environment for our team members and we reflect this approach when in our client’s offices as we support their teams. To meet and exceed the goals of maintaining our diverse and inclusive team RGM makes every effort to partner and collaborate with other diverse suppliers, and organizations that support diversity and inclusion, which is beneficial to the suppliers, our clients, and the communities they serve which results in positive economic and social impacts.

RGM was recognized with a 2020 Diverse Supplier Spotlight in  DiversityCan Magazine and 2019 Diverse Supplier Success Story Spotlight by the City of Toronto.

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Green Mindfulness

We encourage our team to act in an environmentally responsible manner regarding their energy waste management and reduction of our corporate and personal waste generated overall and its impact on our lives and community both from an environmental and economical perspective. We educate and encourage awareness of these matters through the work we pursue and the projects we manage and support, while also applying greater energy management behavior at the office and in our homes. We made the conscious decision to work in an environmentally friendly manner since 2019. Our initiatives include the reduction of single use plastics where possible, and a focused reduction of unnecessary paper waste in the administration, production, and consumption habits of our team and the delivery of our services. We have many more project specific initiatives that we implement to further the global sustainable goals at protecting our resources and reducing development related pollution to the environment.

Think Globally

We think and act globally in our day to day service delivery. Demonstrating our commitment to environmental and social responsibility given the reach and impact of procurement on the community we serve, is important to us. We recognize that that there are many unknown and known solutions to the challenges our clients face, and we have found it both beneficial and prudent to actively find and assess these, to support the established principles and best practices we apply in resolving our client’s issues. We offer lived, reliable, and tested solutions to the risks faced and believe in sharing this knowledge. We respect the work that has been done in our field and build upon it to foster greater value-driven results in our contribution to the community.

Awards, Memberships & Recognition

2021 Winner Top WBE Supplier, for demonstrated excellence in business and support for other women owned businesses.
2020 WBE Canada Leader Award, for exemplary leadership and community contribution.
2019 WBE Canada Rising Star Award, for economic, business, and innovative impact on the diverse community it serves.
2021 CAMSC Small Business of the Year Award Finalist, for exemplary overall sales performance, export sales growth, customer relationships, innovation, and major accomplishments.
Certified Supplier of the Canadian Aboriginal & Minority Supplier Council

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